NNAS Navigation Courses

Adventure Expertise runs all levels of the NNAS (Bronze, Silver, Gold Training, Gold Assessment). The NNAS is a national award scheme that focuses on developing personal skills and performance without being competitive.

It is not a leadership award but does cover aspects of route planning, safety, emergency procedures and access legislation, rights and responsibilities. Participants receive national accreditation with a certificate from the NNAS upon successful completion.


Previous NNAS course attendees with us include teachers and leaders who either do not hold national governing body awards/are developing skills towards them (e.g. Lowland, Hill & Moorland and Mountain Leader Award) and for participants on DofE expeditions in gaining confidence and proficiency in their navigation.

The aim of all levels of the scheme is to leave you feeling more confident and competent in enjoying the countryside or upland areas that you would like to journey in.

No prior experience of navigation is necessary: however, if you have some navigation experience then you can choose to start the scheme at whichever level suits you best. Feeling unsure which level is right for you? Give us a call on 01433 651449 to have chat with one of our team or take a look at our NNAS overview here to help.

Bronze NNAS Course (2 days)

A two day course including both training and assessment, based in the Peak District.

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Silver NNAS Course (2 days)

A two day course building on the skills learnt at Bronze level (or experience that you already have - you can begin your NNAS journey directly at Silver level if you have the experience to) including both training and assessment over the two days.

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Gold NNAS Training (2 days)

A two day course that builds on both Bronze and Silver levels and aims to equip you with all the skills necessary to navigate in open, upland terrain in both good visibility, poor visibility and at night.

This course is perfect for skill development for those who are preparing for Mountain Training assessments such as the Mountain Leader or Hill & Moorland Leader Awards. You may have undertaken Bronze and Silver NNAS awards or may have experience of the skills of these two awards - either way you should have a good grounding in basic navigation skills to join this course.

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Gold NNAS Assessment (1 days)

A one day assessment course assessing all of the skills of the gold NNAS syllabus. Based in the Peak District

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NNAS Tutor Award

This NNAS course will provide a structured approach and progressions for teaching navigation. It will enable participants to better analyse and support their students through the learning process using a range of maps, environments, games and exercises indoors and outdoors.

Teaching navigation and map reading skills from map setting, pacing, timing, contours and interpreting ground shape to, a progression of compass skills, route choice strategies and relocation skills will all be covered.

By the end of the day you should have a useful toolbox of ideas and be able to create a structured programme of sessions which should to help manage time and resources for those teaching young people for DofE etc. Hopefully it will offer some personal navigation coaching as well.

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