Advanced Self Rescue & Problem Solving

Hathersage, Peak District & More
2 days
Up to 4 people
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Course Overview

The first day of this course is the same as our Self Rescue & Problem Solving Course in that the focus is on ensuring you have a solid grasp of the core rescue skills. Where this course differs is that there is a second day where we will provide you with multiple opportunities to apply these skills to a variety of different scenarios whilst under the watchful eye of one of our experienced instructors.

We only offer this course privately as from experience we have found this to be the best way of ensuring you get the right course for you. Our private course option gives you the ability to choose the course dates, location and whether you’d like to attend on your own or with a friend.

Location: Hathersage, Peak District National Park

The Peak District is home to some of the best rock climbing and crags in the country. With an abundance of world class crags, a wide variety of climbs, and short walk-ins there could be a better place to develop your climbing skills. Other locations are available upon request.

Dates: Year round

We are happy to take you climbing at anytime of the year. We are confident we can deliver an informative and enjoyable experience regardless of the weather. If however, you know that you would like to stack the odds of warmer drier weather in your favour then you might prefer to book a course between April and September.

Maximum Client to Instructor Ratio: 4:1

We run this course with a maximum of four clients to one instructor. Our low ratios ensure you receive personalised coaching, allowing you to maximise your learning and enjoyment during your course.


4 people – £130pp  /  3 people – £160pp  /  2 people – £220pp  /  1 person – £400

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  • Additional Information

    Who is this course for?

    This course is great for anyone with lead climbing experience who wants to know how to to perform a variety of self rescue skills.


    Course Aim

    To develop the skills to be able to prevent, and deal with, common climbing problems/scenarios.


    Course Content

    On the first morning of your course your instructor will chat to you about your previous experience and aspirations which will enable them to tailor the course to your needs. As such it’s hard to provide a definitive list of topics, therefore a sample of some of the topics that are likely to be covered are provided below:


    • Problem Avoidance
    • Introduction & development of the core rescue skills- tying off a belay plate, making an improvised chest harness, lowering, hoisting, abseiling, prussiking and escaping the system
    • Introduction & development of advanced rescue skills
    • How to devise an effective & efficient rescue plan
    • Application of core rescue skills in ‘mock’ scenarios



    We don’t provide accommodation on our courses as some of our clients would like to stay in luxury accommodation, some in B&B’s, some in bunkhouses and some like to camp. Therefore, we feel our clients benefit from being able choose the accommodation they personally prefer in relation to their budget.



    We will provide all of the necessary safety equipment for your course, including rock climbing shoes, harnesses and helmets should you require them. All you need to do is bring along any of your own personal kit that you would like to use.


    Further Information

    Upon completion of your booking you will receive the course joining information where you will find more details about your course including: the course meeting point and timings, a suggested kit list and local accommodation options.


    If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Private Course

We only run this course privately as this enables us to tailor it to your personal goals and to ensure it’s pitched at the right level for you. We strongly believe that personalised courses run by great instructors and low instructor to student ratios are key to ensuring you develop your skills safely and swiftly.

Simply select your preferred course/guiding dates and we’ll look after tailoring it to you (or you and your friend/s).

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